Sport is part of everyday life. At Avento we believe that everyone should be able to participate in whatever capacity suits them best. That’s what has driven us to develop and produce up-to-date, affordable sports gear for the last 6 decades. We do this based on the following blueprint:

Avento’s main goal is to make sport accessible to as many people as possible. That’s why we keep our collection so extensive. Whether you’re looking to train skills, prepare for competition, build strength, increase endurance or to improve your body shape, you can be sure that Avento has the answer for all your sporting needs.

Keeping our products affordable while maintaining decent product quality goes hand in hand with our focus on accessibility. We go to great lengths to develop and produce attractive quality sports and leisure gear at a fair price point.

All Avento products are designed for optimal functionality and comfort but durability and practicality are also key in our design process. Our gear should be able to withstand daily use, have a long lifespan and have a high ‘grab-it-and-go’ factor. If our products are user-friendly, compact, lightweight, portable and/or collapsible it means you can use and store them almost anywhere, making regular exercise more easily achievable.

We like to keep things simple. Avento is all about providing basic versions of a range of sportswear and equipment to the everyday sports enthusiast. However, sport is also synonymous with fun and recreation. Enjoying movement, together time and healthy competition is just as important as improving performance and fitness levels. Look good, feel great and have fun doing it!

Since our founding in the 60’s – when sport as leisure and personal fitness became popular - we have responded to most every market trend in the sports sector. Understanding the needs of both individual enthusiasts and emerging sports are instrumental in the development of our product portfolio, as are material science and contemporary production processes. What we learn today (from you) shapes what we will produce tomorrow. Keep on inspiring us!

ONE CLEAR CHOICE At Avento, we aim to keep our product range as comprehensive as possible and to offer consistency in style and product quality. You can always find what you need at a good price via a single trusted source. Plus, if you always choose for Avento, then you can enjoy the added benefit of your gear always matching! Year after year of fuss-free shopping for everyone!

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Showing Results 1 to 24 of 376