Custom Made Service

custom made service

Have you heard of our custom made service? This means that we can customise a product or an entire collection that matches your needs perfectly. For example, you can choose an individual product from our range and have it adjusted with your own branding. Or you can also work with Schreuders Sport on a fully customised production line completely independent of our product range. It's no surprise that retailers both large and small have joined forces with us to create coordinated collections within tight deadlines. We think in terms of possibilities.

hoe werkt het  How does that work?

  1. Together, we determine the objectives, target group and budget based on your preferences and requirements.
  2. We then recommend suitable products that will be further refined based on your input. If desired, we can also provide you with a concrete design or concept. In addition to the colour composition, we also look at material requirements, product design and the most efficient production methods.
  3. Approval of the design or concept.
  4. Approval of the test samples.
  5. Start of production. We take care of quality control, import procedures and logistic handling, right to your warehouse.

In short, we focus on your preferences and take the work right out of your hands. Want to know what we can do for you? Contact us and put our experience to the test!

ervaring kwaliteit creativiteit  Experience, quality and creativity

The combination of our decades of experience, the purchase of contemporary, high-quality products and the creativity of our (design) team are the cornerstones of our many successful partnerships, including:

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